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The State of America's Food Waste & Opportunities to Make a Difference

Available on the Academy's Foundation website.


NEHP Webinar Series

Using Evidence Based Decision Making to Document Student Learning Assessment

Presenter: Dr. Scott Heinerichs – West Chester University
Access recorded webinar  or Download webinar

Learning objectives:

  1. Provide an overview of program level student learning assessment and its’ role in education.
  2. Differentiate between classroom and program level assessment.
  3. Demonstrate the importance of evidence based decisions to improve student learning.
  4. Apply techniques and tools to document student learning at the program level.

Overcoming Barriers - Encouraging Student Engagement in Online Classrooms

Presenter: Dr. Natasha Lindsey – University of North Alabama
Access recorded webinar.

Learning objectives:

  1. Identify strategies to overcome issues with student engagement due to social obstacles.
  2. Identify strategies to overcome issues with student engagement due to administrative obstacles.
  3. Identify strategies to overcome issues with student engagement due to motivational obstacles.

“Opps! Should I do that?” Ethics in Dietetics, What You Need to Know

Presenter: Dr. Dianne Kammerer Polly – Shelby County Education Foundation

Learning objectives:

  1. State the purpose of the Academy/CDR Code of Ethics.
  2. Learn how to access the Academy/CDR Code of Ethics from the Academy Web site.
  3. Identify the distinction between ethical issues and legal, business, or personal issues.
  4. Use the Academy/CDR Code of Ethics to identify principles within the Code of Ethics that may apply to a specific situation in her/his practice.


Pre-recorded Webinar: Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment: Helping Students Make the Clinical Connections

For WebEx streaming version pre-recorded webinar click here.

For MP4 version precorded webinar click here


Sep. 2015 Update - ACEND Recommends New Education Model

The Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) has recommended a new model for the education of nutrition and dietetics professionals based on input from over 9,500 stakeholders.

You can find more information and the latest updates by clicking here:

  • Rationale Document
  • Frequently Asked Questions information sheet
  • A pre-recorded webinar about the proposed model
  • July 2015 Webinar to HOD members
  • Monthy updates


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